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Randy Kim is a kickboxing instructor/MMA trainer, certified fitness trainer and a certified sports nutritionist. Specializing in the area of martial arts, Randy Kim has competed in numerous amateurs and national level fights including 8 matches in K-1. By combining his inherent love for the martial arts with exceptional credentials, Randy has been able to channel his passion for fitness and martial arts into a career through the establishment of Taejo Kickboxing – a premier kickboxing and personal training facility.

K-1 Career : 2008 K-1 USA GP Finalist (3 KO Wins)

Certifications: American Muscle & Fitness (AMFPT) Personal Trainer Certificate
American Muscle & Fitness (AMFPT) Sports Nutritionist Certificate


Head Kickboxing Coach Niko /Gym Co-Manager


Kickboxing Coach & head of Strength & Conditioning Coach Olive /Gym Manager

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